About us

Our Constitution of May 2015 defines our character and work. It sets out our mission and goals; who can become members; voting requirements; management and control; committee and general meetings; as well as financial controls and winding up. 


Our mission

The Hermanus Ratepayers Association is determined to preserve the character and natural beauty of Hermanus. As a watchdog we shall seek close co-operation with the Local Authority to ensure that future developments are in keeping with the spirit of this statement and that municipal services are carried out in an economic, effective, efficient, transparent and accountable manner. 


We aim to ...

  • promote the interest and involvement in matters of the Local Authority of ratepayers and bona fide lessees of property;

  • protect and preserve the traditional character and beauty of Hermanus and its environs;

  • act as a conduit for members’ views to the relevant authority;

  • help ensure that municipal services are provided in terms of section 195 of the country’s Constitution and section 38(c) of the Municipal Systems Act in an economic, effective, efficient, transparent and accountable manner;

  • promote the interests of Hermanus in close co-operation with the Local Authority and other ratepayers associations; and to

  • ensure that the HRA’s motives and actions are transparent, apolitical and consistent with its mission statement.


Our vision

We envisage lasting peace and harmony, protection and respect and value of our natural and built environment for the ratepayers of Hermanus.