Baboon Management

A past HRA project with a fantastic outcome, thanks to the Hermanus Baboon Action Group (HBAG) and Human Wildlife Solutions (HWS).

BABOON HOTLINE: 072 028 0008

As mentioned in our 2021 half-yearly report we have deferred to the Hermanus Baboon Action Group on issues relating to baboons. They are present on Facebook and publish regular comprehensive reports which make interesting reading. If you wish to be kept informed please sign up for their newsletter.

Their partnership with Human Wildlife Solutions, specialists in wildlife management, is proving to be highly successful.

Visit these sites to learn more. In the meantime, do add the baboon Hotline number to your phone so that you can:


  • baboons in the urban areas of Hermanus

  • baboons on your property

  • injuries to baboons

  • incidents of feeding or harming baboons


  • Your name and address

  • The specific address where you saw the baboon/s last


  • What the baboon was doing (e.g. foraging on the side of the road/ raiding a bin/ entering a house)

  • Take note if you see any ear tags or collars on the baboon/s, and what colour the ear tag is

  • Whether the baboon is in the house/ garden or in the road


  • To complain about municipal issues and to make queries about baboon management please contact the Municipality’s environmental management services on 028 316 8249).


  • Could you tell if it was a male or female baboon

  • If the baboon raided a house, note whether there were people in the house or not

  • How did the baboon get into the house

  • If you can no longer see the baboon, how long ago did you see it (timeframe) - Please try to report baboons in the urban area immediately

  • If you are reporting an injury, try to assess whether the baboon is an adult or a juvenile and what body part is injured and whether the behaviour of the baboon appears normal

  • If you are reporting a feeding or harming incident, please try to take a video of the incident and gather as much information as you can, pictures of the person/s and/or car/s involved, time, date and place. This information will be passed on to Cape Nature to investigate.