Fernkloof Protected Area Management Plan

Their is an urgent need for the sustainable and affordable management of one our region’s most valued assets. A final Fernkloof Nature Reserve Protected Area Management Plan (2021 – 2025) has to be approved by Cape Nature.

From the Chairman's Quarterly Report (15 April 2022)

"Despite much time and effort having been devoted by the parties there is still no co-management agreement between the Hermanus Botanical Society and the Overstrand Municipality.

Given the new Council’s stated commitment to placing the environment at the forefront of their term in office it would be nice if the agreement could be finalised sometime soon.

Once this is concluded then the focus could perhaps shift towards a re-examination of the role and composition of the Fernkloof Advisory Board which many people feel is overdue.

In a late development we understand that at its next meeting on 26th April council will consider a proposed agreement with the Hermanus Botanical Society to establish a Botanical Garden in Fernkloof."

Overstrand Municipality (OM) documents

The latest documents pertaining to the FERNKLOOF NATURE RESERVE PROTECTED AREA MANAGEMENT PLAN 2021 – 2025, including comments by the public, can be found here: Overstrand.gov.za>>Documents>>Strategic documents>>Environmental Management Services>>Fernkloof

Earlier interventions by the HRA (2017)

"The proposal in the current Draft IMP to designate a huge part of Fernkloof Nature Reserve as a “Potential Development” area for the likes of an astronomy centre, a cableway, zip-lining, accommodation, and 4x4 tracks is strongly opposed by the Hermanus Ratepayers Association. It seems to have been drawn up without sufficient consultation with the people responsible for the day-to-day running of the reserve and we fail to understand how it can be seen to be acceptable that an area can be designated a nature reserve and thereafter all sort of plans are designed for development on this area."