Schulphoek Housing Project

Although Schulphoek is outside of the area of operation of the HRA we feel that any effort to sustain peaceful co-existence in greater Hermanus is in our members’ best interest.

From the Chairman's Quarterly Report (15 April 2022)

"For the last two years, as a member of the Ward 3 committee, the HRA has participated in the process of developing a Social Compact for the Schulphoek housing project.

In 2022 a Social Compact will be developed and a census of those living in the area will be undertaken to determine who qualifies for housing and in what form.

Following some uncertainty around who should be participating, other than those directly affected, the discussions are soon to resume and will include representatives from Ward 3. It seems appropriate that that there is representation from surrounding communities as we are all affected by the dynamics in one another’s’ suburbs. We don’t live in a vacuum and any contribution towards ensuring that what is to be provided in Schulphoek is appropriate is to be welcomed."

From the Chairman's 2021 Annual Report


"The last year has been quiet insofar as any reported social unrest is concerned and we are grateful for this. There has been quite a lot of activity in relation to the planned Schulphoek Housing project. Two teams of people, drawn from civil society organisations, have been working on the conceptual design as well as the technical design of the project and significant progress has been made."